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SEC Computing exam preperation
Why not promote your buisness or organisation through a website?
to enlighten your IT world...


We are proud to offer 2 different services. We can help our clients to get the most out of the Internet by developing a website that fulfills their requirements in reaching their potential audience. Developed websites can also be integrated with social media to have a wider reach. The developed websites can be both static and dynamic in nature. With a dynamic website the client can easily upload the desired content to the website.

Computing tuition is the other service we offer. The main course we offer is the one that leads to the SEC examination. The course is complete with course notes, past paper training and course work preparation using Java programming language which is required to sit for the SEC exam in Computing. Giving the required attention to eadch student.

Web Development

static or dynamic web pages integrated with social media

Computing/IT Tuition

individualised learning programme